The dictum is Nalanda’s believed in philosophy which conveys the social responsibility of a true human individual towards the benefit of the society; should always strive to act in the interest of the society and direct all efforts towards the prosperity of the society.

The society is a bigger family where one should not be partial; every one’s welfare is to be taken care of.  Nalanda carries this philosophy well etched in its insignia and lives true to  meaning of the word “Nalanda – for the well being of all.”

Initiated in 1988, Nalanda became the platform for numerous Human Excellencies and guided them for their aimed career since then.  A good society requires good citizens; we succeeded in providing them for the society and are continuing to do so.

We, Nalanda, are once of the most prominent educational institutions from preschool to post-graduation, expanded its branches further all over Andhra Pradesh and major cities in other state also are successfully provided immaculate environment and world class teaching faculty to be the trend setters for ever.  Over the years of experience keep our roots firmly fixed in the culture and tradition of ours.  The students are taught the academics along with the skills for life-time.  our commitment stands tall like a beacon light and shows the destination to reach Faculties are the powerhouses of our institutions.  They are committed and inspirations to pupils in making their dreams come true.